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Pilates Workshop "Working with Pain"

Further Education Workshop for Pilates Trainers by Karen Ingram, Wales

  • Begonnen am: 1. Juli
  • 180 Schweizer Franken
  • Pilates Studio Allmend, Luzern


Pilates Workshop: "UNDERSTANDING AND WORKING WITH PAIN" Presenter: KAREN INGRAM, Wales “Knowledge and movement are the two greatest pain and stress liberators.” (MOSELEY & BUTLER) Underpin your teaching with the latest science on the mechanisms of pain and how it relates to movement. Research proves that having a modern understanding of the biology of human pain, based on the latest science, is an essential first step to reducing chronic pain. Understanding pain biology changes the way you and your clients will think about pain. It makes working with people in pain less scary and improves your session planning. Surprisingly, pain is not all about tissue damage. You will learn: · How and why the body creates pain. · How pain gets amplified given the right conditions, and how you can reverse this. · How to plan a graded movement programm to help people recover from pain. The spine is incredibly strong, tissues heal, muscles love to move. Our amazing brains are bioplastic, they learn and adapt. There is so much we can do to actively change pain levels in the people we teach Pilates to, and ultimately move them towards a pain free life. The seminar is 4 hours long and is delivered live by Karen Ingram. The session is interactive, and you will be given practical exercises you can use with your clients to start to make changes to their pain. We cover the theory and science of human pain giving you the tools to develop individualized graded movement programmes and share target concepts about pain with your clients. At the end of the workshop the attendee will: 1. Understand how the human bodies danger alarm system works and how the brain decides whether pain should be produced. 2. Understand how pain becomes amplified and may no longer reflect the condition of the tissues. 3. Be able to apply this pain science theory to develop graded movement programs and to use pain education tools. Many people are drawn to Pilates because they have back or joint pain or weakness caused by injury. This seminar will deepen your understanding of how the human body responds to injury, threat and the tools our brains use, like pain, muscle bracing, and inflammation. You will leave with practical ideas you can use in your sessions to change people’s pain experience and gain more confidence in working with people in pain. For more Information about Karen Ingram and the Course visit: https://backhero.life/

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  • Zihlmattweg 46, Luzern, Schweiz