Further Education Workshop for Pilates Trainers by Karen Ingram, Wales

  • Beginnt am: 2. Sept.
  • 110 Schweizer Franken
  • Campus Sursee Sportarena

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Experience the magic of the Reformer, Tower & Chair! When: FR 2. September 2022 / 1 - 3.30pm Where: Campus Sursee Sportarena, 6108 Oberkirch In this 2.5 hour workshop you will be hands on with the Reformer, Cadillac/tower and the Pilates Chair: • Experience how the mat, reformer, tower and other apparatus come together to form an amazing workout • Every participant will get time on the studio equipment including the reformer, tower and chair • Take this experience to the mat and learn a ‘reformer on the mat’ workout to use in your classes Both workshops (Workshop "Classical Pilates Mat" 10 - 12am & Workshop "Full Classical Studio Workout 1 - 3.30pm) are led by visiting UK teacher Karen Ingram. Karen has over 20 years experience of teaching Pilates and movement and specializes in chronic back pain using a combination of movement and coaching. Karen is a Senior Master Instructor for Peak Pilates and British Nordic Walking National Trainer. She is an author and a member of the Peak Pilates Advisory Board. Karen presents Pilates internationally and teaches from her own studio in Wales. More Info about Karen:

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  • CAMPUS SURSEE Sportarena, Leidenbergstrasse, Oberkirch, Schweiz